Business and Technology Solutions


Serene brings together expertise in business transformation as well as technology consolidation and customized software implementations.

Strategic Extension of Your Company


Serene brings together expertise in business transformation as well as technology consolidation and customized software implementations.

Alignment with clients’ desired outcomes


Serene is focused on helping leaders achieve results they are accountable for in complex environments; our service is focused on achieving our clients’ desired outcomes while enabling them through our holistic approach to

  • Convert technology issues and discussions into business discussions and solutions;
  • Create an environment that fosters constructive discussions among the various stakeholders leading to mutually desired outcomes;
  • Create greater certainty, agreement and sponsorship;
  • Establish an environment that promotes greater accountability among the stakeholders;

Customized Services


Serene does not sell equipment or systems. We are focused on working with our clients existing systems and business processes, to enhance them with customized solutions within your budget and time constraints. Our solutions grow and adapt to your business as you grow.

Willingness To Share Risk


We are confident of our ability to deliver value-added and quality services. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship that gives measurable and sustainable value to our clients. We are prepared to give clients the first month of our services at a reduced rate, enabling them to evaluate our services and working relationships.

Transparency & Accountability


In consultation with our clients, Serene will set annual directions, quarterly goals and weekly milestones. This critical path is tracked and updated with our clients every week.

Timely Reporting


We have baseline service reports delivered to clients monthly, and often customized based on what our clients need. In our process, we also provide daily project updates and weekly delivery reports.

Measurable Outcomes


Our planning and reporting is structured around our clients’ ROI. We enable organizations to:

  • Improve organizational efficiency, revenue, profit growth and cost efficiencies
  • Transform workforce efficiency and enhance organizational capacity
  • Enhance customer and staff satisfaction
  • Manage/minimize business risk

Defined Processes


Our teams follow a very defined process to ensure our clients know what to expect. From daily notes to regularly scheduled meetings to transparent project management tools, our goal is to give our clients full access to our progress and deliverables

Professional Training & Redundancy


We can provide skill enhancement and professional training to in-house staff at a fraction of the cost of IT professional associations or hiring new IT staff. Our staff has the most advanced training and qualifications in a broad spectrum of software and IT systems. Serene can also manage client systems during staff holidays, employment leaves and position vacancies giving our clients great peace of mind that the work will continue to be done.